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women’s support group

Women’s Support Group Therapy 

Women Supporting Women in Owning Their Power and Living their Best Life!

My intention for creating this group is to provide a place where women are encouraged to listen to and act on the promptings of their inner voice  on a consistent basis.  This quite naturally guides them to honor their magnificence, prioritize good self-caretaking, and ultimately fall in love with themselves!

Over the 3 months you  will be guided in:

Listening to and honoring your inner wisdom.

Clarifying what it means for you personally to live Your Highest Good.

Identifying one specific area of your life you would like to change that  will move you closer to living your Highest Good.

Creating a clear vision of what that change looks like for you.

Developing a plan of action that will transform your vision into reality.

Keeping focused on good self care-taking independent of your life circumstances.

The group meets every other week for 6 sessions.

Fee:  $190.00 for six sessions.


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