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weight loss surgery therapy group

Weight Loss Surgery Therapy Group 


Open to weight loss surgery patients who are at least 10 months post op.  This is a therapy group as opposed to a support group.  For those of you not familiar with group therapy, it is far less social than a support group.  We will be seriously focused on personal changes members want to make.  Participants will be working together to accomplish their goals and attendance at every meeting is important, not casual. Long Term Recovery requires  prioritizing self-care.  This is especially important for bariatric surgery post-ops because so many have spent a lifetime putting themselves and their own health needs last.   You and your recovery from morbid obesity must be a top priority.  This becomes even more urgent in the second and third year after surgery when the novelty has worn off, the compliments have disappeared, and old patterns of coping lurk behind every challenge and personal disappointment.  If you find yourself frequently falling into compulsive old patterns, this group can be an excellent resource for challenging those behaviors and avoiding full blown relapse.  We meet every other week for 6 sessions.

Fee: $190.00 for 6 sessions.



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