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reclaim your power over food support group


This group is open to any female who wants to jump off the yo-yo dieting roller-coaster and find relief from negative self talk and preoccupation with food, body, and weight issues. 


The focus of this group will be to learn to live consciously in connection to your inner knowing/higher power. The truth is if you stop and listen (to you, your higher power, inner wisdom, soul, angels, common sense, or whatever it is you want to call it) you will always know how to act in a way that honors your highest good. The problem is we don’t always want to know what we know ;)   But ultimately when you live from the inside out allowing your inner voice to guide your actions you will quite naturally choose to eat and move in a way that will manifest as you having a happy ,healthy body! It really is quite freeing when you learn to trust you!


You will be introduced to the concepts of:

    • being still and listening to your inner knowing.
    • understanding the role that compulsive eating and excess weight has played in your life.
    • identifying emotional and circumstantial overeating  triggers,
    • creating a clear vision for a future that supports healthy long term weight loss.
    • creating new positive self-nurturing living skills that support that vision.
    • learning to see yourself through kind and compassionate eyes.


Based on the philosophy that each and every thought and action has a consequence you will be encouraged to live mindfully and embrace the control they have over the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the actions you take, and ultimately the experience of your life.

We meet every other week for 6 sessions.

Fee: $222.00 for 6 sessions.

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