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Just click on the titles below to listen to my podcasts.  In response to several requests I will be doing more podcasts in the near future… I promise!!!

Relaxation Exercise - Get it while it’s still free! Louisa guides you to release stress and tension and invite and embrace peace and relaxation into your every cell!

Setting Intention for Peace, Love, and Joy - This podcast is a series of thoughts and affirmations the purpose of which is to support the listener interested in setting an intention to be a channel of peace and love and joy in staying focused on that intention throughout the day…

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are! Louisa discusses the power of self love and compassion…

Self Love and Respect:  Louisa discusses characteristics of people who live a life truly reflective of self love and respect…

Hope is Not a Plan: This is an audio version of an e-newsletter authored by Louisa Latela for the website.  She speaks of the importance of having a comprehensive aftercare plan in place  for anyone having weight loss surgery.  WLS is not a cure, but rather a tool, a first step in the journey to recovery from morbid obesity.

The Power of Gratitude:  this is an audio version of a blog writtien by Louisa Latela.  She encourages listeners to experience the power of living in a state of gratitude.

Affirmations for Self Love, Peace, and Abundance: This podcast is a series of affirmations designed to help you focus on creating a peaceful, abundant, joyful life!

Self Nurture:  A Way of Life - Louisa Latela talks of the importance of prioritizing good self-caretaking and offers simple ways to incorporate self-nurturing activities/behaviors into your everyday life.

Reclaim Your Power Over Food - Louisa Latela shares her views on how to reclaim your power over food by sitting with the uncomfortable feelings that arise when you do not give in to your strongest urges to eat when you are not physically hungry.

Food and Feelings Column Fall 2006 Issue of WLS Lifestyles Magazine - Recovery from obesity leads Suzy down a path of self-discovery.  Find out how her life becomes a true reflection of self-love and compassion.

Visualization for Relaxation and Self-Love! 

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