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Louisa Latela is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose life’s passion and purpose is to support people in living their Highest Good. Her work is grounded in her belief that Love is the true essence of each and every person, and that when you learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally your life becomes magical!!

Over the years she has guided thousands to re-connect with, listen to, and act on the promptings of their inner wisdom. She teaches people to Own their Authentic Power and be the creator of their life experience versus the victim of its circumstances. She offers both in person and telephonic individual and group counseling for persons who want to learn how to be happy independent of their life circumstances, as well as for people who struggle with issues related to life transitions, anxiety, depression, addiction, and low self esteem. She is a firm believer that life is meant to be joy filled and fun!

While she counsels persons with a variety of life challenges, Louisa has nearly 2 decades of experience working specifically with persons struggling with food/body/weight issues. She is a My Self Design program provider , was recognized by Philadelphia Magazine as a Top Doc for Women in eating disorders, has authored several articles on the subjects of compulsive eating, living a life reflective of self love and respect, and the power of trusting one’s inner wisdom, has been a regular contributor to WLS Lifestyles Magazine since 2004, and has been facilitating support groups for persons recovering from weight loss surgery for ten years.


One day I was listening to a recording of some new-agey spiritual workshop (I forget whose it was) and the speaker asked,  “What is your life’s purpose?” Immediately loud and clear I heard and felt “Teach Love”. My whole body tingled.  Those 2 simple words summed up the very essence of my work.

It was and always has been my intention to inspire people to fall in love with themselves: to celebrate and own their magnificence

Love really is the answer.

I absolutely know this.

All suffering and pain can be soothed and most often completely banished by love.

When you live in the energy of love life becomes magical and fun!

Love is happy

Love is joyful

Love is playful

Love is kind

Love is compassionate

Love is peaceful

Love is thoughtful


Love is not:  anxious, depressed, angry, frustrated, addicted, jealous, judgmental, gossipy,

The truth is we already know this because Love is the essence of our authentic selves.  We were all born as joyful bubbly little psychic bundles of love.  But, somewhere along the way most of us got a little sidetracked and we disconnected from our authentic self (Check out signs of disconnection from my e-book).  It is my quest to encourage people to travel back home to their authentic Selves wherein lies the exact and perfect blueprint for building for their most magnificent life: one that is a clear reflection of unconditional love and respect!

How I facilitate that:

I encourage my  clients to  set a very clear intention to live a life  reflective of self love and respect; one that feels good and is lots of fun.   They are challenged to be conscious of their every thought and action and evaluate it’s appropriateness for supporting their intention, their Highest Good. Through this process clients develop the critical thinking skills necessary to identify and change core belief systems and behaviors that no longer serve them well.  By purposefully choosing self affirming thoughts and actions their living style becomes one that is truly reflective of genuine self love and respect. They experience the power of living in the now and come to know that their true essence is love.

Know this: every single moment of every single day each of us has control and choice regarding the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, the decisions we make, and ultimately the experience of our lives!!  So, I encourage you to relax into the present moment, feel all the possibilities, experience the magic and beauty of your spirit, and give yourself permission to soar!!!

Live in Love,


“You have a gift that only you can give the world.
That is the whole reason you are on this planet.
Use your precious energy to build a magnificent life that really is attainable.
The miracle of your existence calls for celebration every day!”   …..Oprah Winfrey

“If  you set an intention to live in the energy of love and base your  actions on that intention you will quite naturally speak and act in ways that support your Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone in your world!  (….pretty much the same way as when you listen to and act on the promptings of your little  intuitive nudges!)”  ………. Louisa Latela 


“In our ability to rethink our lives lies our greatest ability to change them”

….Marianne Williamson

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