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individual counseling

Individual Counseling

In individual counseling sessions I facilitate the exploration of personal issues according to the needs of the individual. I work with men and women struggling with issues regarding life transitions,  anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, compulsive eating, weight loss surgery, and overall self esteem.  It is my intention to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to be still and connect with their inner Knowing.  I believe that if one stops and listens to their own inner voice   one will always know how to act in a way that honors their Highest Good and connect with their authentic power.

I encourage my  clients to  set a very clear intention to live a life  reflective of self love and respect; one that feels good and is lots of fun.   They are challenged to be conscious of their every thought and action and evaluate it’s appropriateness for supporting their intention, their Highest Good. Through this process clients develop the critical thinking skills necessary to identify and change core belief systems and behaviors that no longer serve them well.  By purposefully choosing self affirming thoughts and actions their living style becomes one that is truly reflective of genuine self love and respect. They experience the power of living in the now and come to know that their true essence is love.

When given the opportunity to relax into the present moment clients learn to hear, honor, and respond to their inner wisdom in a way that allows them to celebrate their magnificence and live a joy-filled miraculous life!

Fees:  $120.00 per 50 minute in person session.

$75.00 per 55 minute phone session

$55.oo per 40 minute phone session

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