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Finding Joy in Life Transitions
(and during the holidays!)

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

Do unexpected interruptions negatively impact your day?

Are you tired of saying, “WHY ME???

Is your Stress Level affecting your relationships, your health, your career?

If want to learn how to change negative thinking into Positive Experiences?

JOIN ME for a 6 week group where you will learn to be the creator of your life experience vs. the victim of its circumstances.

Learn to keep tending to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health NUMBER 1 on your list of priorities even when life is really, really, really, crazy!

With the Holiday Season just around the corner, this support group is a valuable resource for helping to keep you focused on being present to and enjoying the season while being attentive to tending to your physical spiritual and emotional needs during what can be a very busy time of year!

As with all my groups, my discussions are grounded in my belief in the healing power of unconditional self-love and compassion.

When you live in the energy of LOVE miracles happen!

Participants will be supported in their quest to understand and change core behaviors and belief systems that no longer serve them well. To that end we will be seriously focused on personal changes members want to make. Participants will be guided in learning to own their power, taking responsibility for the choices they make in their life, and understanding the value of listening to their “inner knowing“. They will be encouraged to see themselves through kinder eyes and come to know the value of self-love and compassion.

Here you will have the opportunity discover what it means to:

  • Be still and listen to your inner knowing (a.k.a Live from the Inside Out)
  • Be clear about your intention for life
  • Identify triggers for negative feelings (stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, fear)
  • Respond to those triggers in a way that will support your intentions by using the 4 Rs of Rad Responding: Recenter, Refocus, Relax, Respond
  • See yourself through kind and compassionate eyes


Dates: TBA

Time: 7:00-8:30p.m.

Fee: $222.00 (199.00 if registered by 05/06/2015)
 This group may be covered by Aetna Insurance
If you have Aetna call or email me for details. 

Place:  146 S. Lakeview Drive (rte. 561) Suite 300
Lake View Commons
Gibbsboro, N.J. 08026

To Register: contact Louisa at  856.429.9799 or

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